Personal network, sustainable relationship and industrial linkage is valuable asset in nowadays' competitive environment, which is why maruthi sets up the Alumni meet to connect its alumni to build up a strong and committed supporting group. This associations of former students has been established with aims that include the following: to strengthen the bond between those who have studied in Maruthi, create opportunities to build personal networks, to help alumni in their professional aspirations, to help alumni keep themselves updated on the latest trends in the Various industries, the most fundamental activity of the alumni associations is however to foster friendship among former students.

The members utilize the knowledge gained through first-hand personal experience and provide prospective students with information and advice related to the opportunities available for a chartered accountant, the further courses that can be pursued, etc. Maruthi invites all it's Alumni to spend a few minutes in registering themselves

We are planning to have our next Alumni meet shortly.

The Alumni Meet also provides an opportunity to the Institute to acknowledge the contributions and achievements of its alumni. The alumni have not only made a mark in the industry, several have become highly successful brands themselves.

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